Wednesday, November 4, 2009

"Explicit Fabulocity"....

Alright, so here we are on the blessed 3rd of the week. This means it’s time to give what I call the "insight" scoop! A bit more details on what's been going on and so on...

I mentioned that Within Essence Productions was working away the preps for some fashion shows... yes; Ottawa is growing to this extent and believe me when I say that there is no need to get sceptical nor any reason to underestimate this city’s potential when it comes to building a bridge called “opportunity”. [How dare I ? I know and yes I said it! hey, tough love is never enough unless it's straight to the point] Life is truly about what you make of it and HOWEVER you choose to "create"
--> here goes that word again, did you highlight it ??? :)

One of the many projects that I am currently so delighted to be working on is the 2nd annual of the "I AM FASHION: RIP THE FAB LANE" that is set for May 2010.

This show was firstly introduced to the Ottawa fashion scene last year, to showcase Gwen Madiba's new collection, alongside numerous talented local designers. The show had a tremendous outcome and quite frankly is the reason why I gave birth to Within Essence Productions [the new addition to my BVM Enterprise (Beyond Verbal Measures Ent.)]... I will expand on this confession further; just lookout for the tales of "The Foundation" lol.

But really all jokes aside, I am extremely humbled and feel so honoured to be directing and managing every bits of the show once again... it's a lot of production but boy is it ever worth it!!!! I enjoy every moment! Our casting call is set for this Saturday November 7th and man is the competition EVER FIERCE!!! The models are looking quite “tasty” [I must say so myself ] Who said, “picking” and “cutting” was made easy? However, the question remains, which one of them can rock "THE FAB LANE"? Mum is the word for now but we shall see...

Gwen Madiba is an amazing woman and her new collection will be exactly as our dear colleague Marcia B. described it: "EXPLICIT FABULOCITY"!!!

Here’s a little snippet from last year's show... Enjoy :)

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