Monday, November 30, 2009


Today has been rather interesting and refreshing! Been tweeting away, working away, scheduling and reading away [I sense you get the point ?!]... As a matter of fact the day isn't over yet but it's about to get even more fascinating as I will be meeting up with several clients later on tonight to discuss several plans and strategies for what is currently shaking up...

I find that it's always important to follow-up on clients and make sure that they are aware of any new developments that may arise when planning any type of production [leave it be an event, a one on one consultation or a personal styling session etc]. It's good enough to know they trust you will be making the right execution decisions on their behalf; however, that alone shouldn't be taken for granted! Although, you are hired on the basis of taking charge, it's always appreciated when you let them know what you are up to as they will not only feel included and involved but will feel valued [not to mention respected] in the entire “scheduled” process which to me alleviates unnecessary misunderstandings.

After all, etiquette and conduct are all part of the services you provide [I'll assume and take that as a big yes]! People need to feel like they can communicate with you "in and out" of a business context. Sure there are fine lines between being personable, relatable and professional …. But why should a simple cheque dictate your behaviour???hmm... a simple "generic" thought to keep in mind…

My point: Maintaining an upright relationship with your clients is what is going to flourish and influence your referral base indeed but what will even so determine the size of your character

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