Thursday, October 22, 2009

Autumn Blues

A little down around the edges?

It's obvious to see; we've been ceaselessly raided by the paradox of nature called "summer rain" which can leave one with a wheel of mixed emotions to bid on...

Call on the clouds however you like but I say this: “why so serious” lol? There’s no reason to cave into your own demise and minimize the joys of your heart!

Autumn is personally one of my favourite seasons! I just love that breezy feel; weird I know but to each his own! There's just so much about this weather that makes me want to sign a "renew"... In other words, here’s where I feel more challenged to maximize, more refined and full of inspiration! (Hope you didn’t assume I was referring to the cold)…

All obstacles shaped and bent but this is when your creative juices should be flowing! Seriously, it’s time to seek and find out what YOU can do!

* Design a timeline of adventure you wish to execute before the New Year begins – even if this means outlining your goals for the years to come – at least its productive right?

* Go grab that painting you’ve been trying to complete for months time, what about that gym
membership or what about those books you keep claiming you will read (you know what I’m talking about) …

What about? What about? You know the list can go on...

I mentioned creativity, hmmm… Let’s be extreme grab a few leafs or two, pause and breathe, then open your eyes??? What do you see? If you’re answer is nothing…. My reply is: OVERCOME the “Autumn blues” and "GET TO CREATING" [get my drift??] –> Make SOMETHING out of NOTHING!!!

Plant the seeds and let them rise; uncover your own mystery ….

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