Thursday, August 5, 2010

Time for the “renew”…

Yes, stands it’s been a while but it’s never too late to pick up and stay up to bat :)
I tweet more than I blog and “facebook” these days… However, it’s not part of my manners to deceive and for that I apologize for my absence. This being said, I refuse to make excuses for my lack of postings as it comes with the territory [I’m a busy woman, I can’t help it when life calls me on a mission] :)

Within Essence Productions is far from being lost in translation! The wheels are just turning and it’s such a blessing to see the growth of each seed everyday! It makes the process of this journey worthwhile, easier to expand and build up. To those of you who have just joined "the convo", I welcome you with open arms and hope to connect with you on a deeper end. This is my “PERCEPTION” segment as I call it [I just hate the word blog - If you've visited my webpage you understand what I mean by this]

As the founder and creative director of my company, I’ve been going through an amazing process of change and re-branding. I strongly believe that sometimes we all have to detach and start anew… After all, there’s no need to rush and complete something if you can’t cover the basics properly! Innovation and creativity are always key in business and I take it very seriously when it comes to mine. Every step is a "tabula rasa", a blank page awaiting for a new chapter to be encrypted.

A lot has happened in the past months, [I’m hoping I can wrap my head around and feel you in gradually] wonderful and major wins but none of them would be possible without minor losses yeah? Just know that within each circumstance I remain victorious and willing, because I’ve branded my life as a passion of mine to conquer…

“Whew”… It’s truly amazing to live and see what a few months can do. I take no instance for granted and I’m simply pushing forward.

I will leave it like that for now and let my focus continue to bring you the best of me! Can’t wait to share what’s been stirring in the bowls :)

Till then, keep reaching and aiming as I continue to share my value by bringing the luxuries of your heart to life with a touch of sense and with a touch of fashion :)

Be blessed, Be empowered

Grace Mayele


  1. Hi Grace, glad you like the pictures!!!! We definitely must! xox

  2. It's great to hear about female entreprenuers!..keep doing your thing! =)

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  3. A little late on the replies but thank you ladies for stopping by.

    @ Marcia we definitely need to chat. I will email you :)

    @CaramelCutie I will definitely check your blog out.